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Voices Twilight session for dance teachers

You are invited to attend a free twilight session with Impact Dance at our central London dance studio, to find out more about our new dance and PSHE resource package for secondary schools. 

Join Impact Dance to find out about the creation of our new piece VOICES, focused on young people and mental health issues. Learn how your school can engage with the piece (either via a screening or live performance) and workshops, and about our accompanying resource pack, packed with lesson plan ideas and support.   
 About Voices  

Voices fuses Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Spoken Word to powerful affect, exploring issues of Mental Health and Wellbeing. The piece creates a window into the private thoughts and feelings of a group of young dancers as they battle the pressures of school and home while emerging from Covid lockdowns: allowing the audience to reflect on their own Mental Health journey and to recognise that they are not alone.    

“When I watched Voices I cried…. twice! It was so profound! Just watching these young, bold, confident women just touched me on a soul level. I don’t have words to tell you how much this piece spoke to me…it was beyond beautiful. Their technique, their facial expressions, the depth and maturity……WOWWWWWWWWW” – Voices audience member  

“An amazing way to address the complexities of mental health” – Voices audience member  

About the workshops   

Led by Impact Dance’s experienced practitioners, students of all levels can learn to express themself through movement and spoken word, in workshops focused on the themes of the piece and linked to the National Curriculum PSHE syllabus topic of Mental Health. GCSE and A Level Dance students can also go deeper in their understanding of performance and choreography, in more advanced workshops exploring the piece’s choreographic language.   

About the resource   

The resource pack links creative dance tasks to relevant PSHE topics and provides suggested follow-up work and lesson plan ideas on the themes used in Voices. It also includes signposting to Mental Health organisations and support services. As part of the package, schools will receive one month’s digital access to the film, to refer back to in their follow-up lessons.    

RSPV to Impact Dance’s Head of Engagement Joey Gamper Cuthbert: