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Uday Thakkar

Managing Director Red Ochre

Uday is a Chartered Accountant, and a serial entrepreneur. He has started and grown a number of businesses and a charity. He launched Red Ochre a social economy consultancy and training organisation. This social enterprise has successfully supported hundreds of organisations and ethical businesses across 26 countries. Uday is an expert in strategy, enterprise, leadership, organisational change, governance and finance.

Uday has supported many creative & arts sector support programmes in the UK and Egypt. Uday mentors leaders and entrepreneurs and has won the Social Enterprise Mentor of the Year Award. Uday is popular speaker and facilitator and participates in many conferences and seminars and delivers over 30 workshops annually. Uday is the Chair of a BAME sexual health charity and has been a trustee of numerous national charities and the Mayor of London’s Thames Festival Trust.

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