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ISRAEL IMARNI​ profile picture

Israel Imarni​

Freelance Professional

Israel Imarni is a UK based creative professional with over 20 years’ experience working in the creative industries. After graduating from the University for Creative Arts in 1998, Israel worked as a fashion buyer for several blue-chip companies. She has worked extensively internationally, travelling and managing teams in the Far East, China, India, USA and Europe.​ Israel is passionate about performing arts and started classical dance training at age six and later took up urban dance forms: street and house dance. Israel has volunteered at a West London Dance Academy for the past 12 years.

Israel believes in giving back in practical ways and uses her business experience to support charities and organisations on a voluntary basis. Israel has a number of non-executive appointments that give her a balanced overview into the everyday lives of people outside of her immediate peer group and she is keen to support people to achieve their full potential.

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