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Does architecture care for communities?

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Join in an interactive discussion that will explore the LFA’s theme of ‘care’ and the impact architecture has on communities.

About this Event

tp bennett and Impact Dance invite you to join an interactive WhatsApp discussion that will explore the London Festival of Architecture’s 2021 theme of ‘care’ and the impact architecture has on communities.

Moderated by Impact Dance, a non-profit organisation that uses hip hop theatre and street dance to increase social inclusivity the discussion will address the impact of architecture on communities and will include participation from some of its international collaborators and their communities. The discussion will allow for a multitude of voices, including yours, to share diverse perspectives and explore different points of view on the theme of how architecture might care for communities.

We do not see this discussion taking the format of a webinar or panel discussion where experts speak to passive audience members. We would prefer to provide a forum where everyone can engage equally. The discussion will take place via a temporary, moderated Whatsapp Group.

Please note: As mobile phone numbers cannot be hidden from other participants anyone under 18 years of age will not be allowed to participate.

Tickets for this event are limited.

(image credit: Amanda Davis at AD Events)